Sales Tax

Tax Exempt U.S Residents Shipped to U.S Destinations

Orders placed by U.S residents, shipped to a U.S address are exempt from Canadian taxes. Note however, that you may be required to pay U.S customs/duties on orders greater than $100.00 delivered to per individual person.
If the shipped item is addresses to 2 individuals (Mr. & Mrs. A Jones), the exemption becomes $200.00 Please contact your local authorities to confirm or validate this information. We are not an authority on U.S customs duties.

Canadian Taxes for Canadian Residents

Consumables that are basic grocery items such as coffees, teas, oils, etc are non-taxable.
Non-consumable items, Gift Baskets and Confectionary items are taxable.

Effective July 1st, 2010 on-line purchases are subject to the Canadian HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) where the delivery address is to a HST participating province.
Where the Canadian delivery address is not a HST participating province, the normal 5% GST (Goods and Services) tax will apply.

Please refer to the list below for applicable GST/HST tax rates:

Nova Scotia – HST – 15%
Prince Edward Island – GST 5%
New Brunswick – HST – 13%
Newfoundland – HST -13%
Quebec – GST – 5%
Ontario – HST – 13%
Manitoba – GST – 5%
Alberta – GST – 5%
Saskatchewan – GST – 5%
British Colombia GST – 12%
NWT – GST – 5%
Yukon – GST – 5%
Nunavut – GST – 5%