Weiss Lebkuchen Hexenhaus Build-It-Yourself Gingerbread House, 900g


This delightful Gingerbread house kit is imported directly from Germany, ensuring an authentic gingerbread house-making experience for the whole family.



Come together to create a classic gingerbread house experience! Weiss’s DIY Gingerbread House kit provides all the essentials for crafting your gingerbread masterpiece. Inside, you’ll find a substantial supply of gingerbread, powdered sugar, sugar figurines, and fruit gummies. The only additional ingredients required are a single egg white and a pastry bag to bring your creation to life. The term “Lebkuchenhaus” translates to gingerbread house in German.

Instructions are on the back in numerous languages. Imported from Germany!

  • 900g (580g Gingerbread), 250g Powdered Sugar, 50g Sugar Figurines and 20g Fruit Gummies
  • Imported from Germany