Trinitae Pomegranate Nourishing Hand Cream


Restore the beauty of your hands while protecting and moisturizing the skin.





Trinitae’s POMEGRANATE NOURISHING HAND CREAM is a powerful regenerating hand treatment with rich essential fatty acids that restore natural beauty to your hands. Potent antioxidants from pomegranate Seed Oil protect the hands and renew skin, leaving it smooth and deeply moisturized. The Pomegranate Nourishing Hand Cream is a uniquely blended formula of Dead Sea minerals, floral waters of rose, lavender, and geranium, pomegranate Seed Oil and Shea Butter.


Contain no chemical ingredients or artificial preservatives. We are proudly environmentally friendly. Natural, Organic, Sulphates & Parabens free, No animal testing.

Made in Jordan.

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Weight1 lbs