Trinitae Aromatherapy Foot Loofa Soap Lavender


Cleanse and exfoliate with an aromatic soap encased in natural loofa.





Trinitae’s AROMATHERAPY FOOT LOOFAH SOAP simultaneously exfoliates and moisturizes. The natural exfoliator removes dead skin and stimulates blood circulation, promoting the growth of new skin cells for younger, fresher looking skin. The loofa soaps are made with Trinitae’s original aromatherapy formula, which is a blend of natural handmade, coconut oil, pure essential oils, and fresh herbs. The loofa exfoliates, and the natural handmade and coconut oil moisturize while transporting the fragrant aromas of pure essential oils such as lavender, citrus, basil and rosemary to your home for a complete aromatherapy skincare experience. The Foot loofa contains the sponge which is a genus in the cucumber ( cucurbitaceae ) family , The foot loofa is rigid , and contains less soap than the body loofa. This soap can be used for all skin types.


Contain no chemical ingredients or artificial preservatives. We are proudly environmentally friendly. Natural, Organic, Sulphates & Parabens free, No animal testing.

Made in Jordan.

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Weight1 lbs