Standing Canada Goose Sculpture


Introducing our striking Large Standing Canada Goose sculpture, a rustic addition to any space. Crafted from resin and metal, it’s perfect for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.






A Large Standing Canada Goose is a captivating decorative piece that will delight bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Created from a combination of resin and metal, this charming, rustic sculpture showcases the majestic beauty of the Canada Goose, a beloved and iconic North American bird.
Its folksy design and life-like details make it a perfect addition to cottages, cabins, lake houses, or any space that could use a touch of nature’s charm. The dimensions of the standing goose are approximately 13″H, providing a noticeable yet tasteful accent to your decor.
  • Large Standing Canada Goose sculpture
  • Crafted from resin and metal
  • Adds rustic charm to any space
  • Perfect for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts
  • Stands 13″ tall, featuring a white and black colour scheme