Spanish Paella Basket


A Paella gift basket filled with tapas and paella making ingredients to send to friends and foodies. Serves 6 and includes recipe.



Paella has been a tradition for centuries in Valencia, Spain; it is made in a single shallow pan where the rice, chorizo, chicken and the seafood are allowed to cook and become absorbed with the bomba rice capturing the signature flavors of this Valencian. Also included are Sangria mix and the sliced citrus to infuse in the sangria.  For this basket, we curated a terrific selection of Paella and Tapas ingredients, authentically presented it in a proper enamel paella pan.  It includes a recipe booklet, and it is ready to send to colleagues, friends, foodies and family.

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  • Enamel authentic paella pan
  • Spanish rice 500g (serves 6)
  • Spanish Olives
  • Jamon flavoured potato chips
  • Spanish Sardines
  • Sangria mix
  • Orange slices to infuse with Sangria wine
  • Paella seasoning (all natural) with saffron
  • Smoked mild paprika
  • Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml
  • Chorizo Bellota
  • Oval tapas serving dishes (hand painted) colors and patterns may vary