Riedel Gin Set (Pack of 4)


Riedel’s set of 4 gift-packaged Gin glasses are the perfect glass for enjoying the aromatic flavours of any gin mix or any cocktail with every sip.



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Riedel Gin glass is the perfect glass for enjoying your favourite gin in style.
Experience the ultimate aromatic journey with Riedel Gin glasses, meticulously crafted to enhance the nuanced botanical flavors of your favorite gins. The expansive tulip-shaped bowl is not only perfect for gin but also elevates the enjoyment of various cocktails and mixed drinks.  Whether savoring a classic gin and tonic, a handcrafted cocktail, or a fine spirit served neat, Riedel Gin glasses deliver a sensory delight for every sip.

Designed for gift-giving.  This package comes packaged with four recipes to serve and enjoy at home.

  • 4 Gin glasses – Gift Boxed
  • Made in Germany
  • Ice should be placed into the glasses with care
  • Machine-made and dishwasher safe
  • 794 ml
  • Height 124 mm
  • Shipping across North America