Pizza Stone Red Ceramic 14.5″/37cm Diameter





This pizza stone produces perfectly crispy pizza crust.  Can also be used as a serving board for cheese or other bake and serve pieces such as cheese, fruits etc.

  • Scratch resistant
  • Makes perfectly crisp pizza
  • Lead free surface for cutting
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • 14.5″/36.8cm diameter
  • Ergonomic raised handles

Instruction for use:

1. Heat your oven to 450° Fahrenheit. Place the pizza stone in the oven for
about 20 minutes to let it heat through.
2. Arrange your pizza dough on a pizza peel, a material found at kitchen supply stores
that will let you place the pizza right on the stone. The peel can go in the oven without
sticking to the pizza.
3. Remove the heated pizza stone from the oven, wearing an oven mitt to protect your hand.
4. Arrange sauce, cheese and toppings on the dough, then pick the pizza up by the peel
and place it on the heated pizza stone. The peel will also go in the oven, as it is oven safe.
5. Place the pizza stone in the oven for about 10 minutes or until the crust looks golden.