Peugeot Zanzibar u’Select 13cm – 5″






The Peugeot Zanzibar multi-pepper mill is equipped with 3 interchangeable reservoirs of exceptional peppercorns. A genuine voyage to the heart of the rarest peppers. The Zanzibar Pepper Bar, a genuine Peugeot innovation, invites you to taste peppers out of the ordinary, in a way you have never experienced before. The mill has a detachable interchangeable pepper reservoir and the patented u’Select system for custom adjustment of grinding. Simply change the reservoir to change peppers! The box contains 3 reservoirs with different vintage peppers (black pepper varieties – Kamot, Poivre Blanc Sikara and wild black pepper, Voatsiperifery) all selected by French spice master Gérard Vives. This box also contains a book of exclusive recipes and a presentation tray so that the experience is complete. All you need to do is to let yourself be transported by the magic of the peppers and have many unforgettable moments in the kitchen and at the table.

  • Interchangeable Pepper Mills
  • 12cm / 4.75″
  • Made in France

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Weight1 lbs