Peugeot ELIS Touch Rechargeable Electric Corkscrew and Foil Cutter


Peugeot Elis Touch Rechargeable Corkscrew Wine Opener is very easy and painless to operate.  Take a look!



The Peugeot Elis Touch rechargeable electric corkscrew and foil cutter is a slender corkscrew and a marvel of technology for the high wine enthusiast.
Its onboard rechargeables mean no cumbersome, unsightly wires get in the way as it gently extracts all kinds of corks with an automatic start and stop.
Complete with capsule-cutter, silent but powerful motor and LED charging light… a new-generation accessory that makes life simpler.

  • Has automatic trigger when pressing the cork
  • Rechargeable base with LED indicator
  • Packaged in a superior gift box
  • Includes a foil cutter
  • Battery operated and silent
  • Uncorks 40 bottles before returning to recharge base
  • 27cm
  • Made in France