Mavea Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher, Ruby Red


A More Advanced Water Filter. Utilizes advanced MAVEA Maxtra filtration





Theemium generation of water filtration system made in Germany. Mavea has a distinctive European styling that makes a statement on your kitchen counter or on your dining room table integrating the highest quality materials with intelligent design.

Mavea filtered water: Makes great-tasting drinking water and beverages including, coffee and tea. Even your ice cubes look and taste better.

• Large nine glass water capacity
• No pre-soaking is required to activate the filters.
• Micro-screen in the filter reduces black particle release into the pitcher.
• Exponentially Easier Refills. Automatic pour-through lid.
• Intelligent Filter Status: Mavea Meter filter life indicator
• Capacity: Holds 9 cups of filtered water
• PBA free