Maison Berger Serenity Chestnut Lamp


Perfect for serenely diffusing your favourite home fragrance.



This Serenity Lamp is for those looking for a little tranquillity. It has the roundness of a soothing cocoon combined with the delicate and timeless colour.

Maison Berger creates a universe where undesirable odours are banished, leaving an environment that is delicately scented. Maison Berger decorates the home with exquisite designs to complement any decor and can be used anywhere in your home.


  • Made of glass with a shiny silver ball-shaped top.
  • Comes in a gift pack, perfect for mother’s day, birthday, Christmas and all occasion.
  • Includes: wick-burner, ball-shaped diffuser cap, stopper and funnel.
  • Colour: Chestnut
  • Height: 4.9 inches
  • Capacity: 390ml (18oz)