Maison Berger Artichaut Frosted Lampe


With the reissue of its flagship model, Maison Berger Paris pays homage to its exceptional heritage with the Artichaut Lamp.



Maison Berger Paris boasts 120 years of passion and creation, 120 years of meetings between know-how and the imagination of well-known designers. It is the timeless testimony of the merger of the talents of perfumers, master glass-makers and jewellers. The Maison opens its door to every exceptional opportunity… With a delicate satin finish, a symbolic shape, a criss-cross mounting and its weathered pewter finish, the Frosted Artichaut Lampe Berger catalytic lamp cultivates the sense for detail and pays wonderful homage to the Art Déco style. Treat yourself to a journey through time; savour the creative effervescence of the past and the efficiency of current technological know-how.

Lamp sold in a gift pack with accessories: wick-burner, criss-cross top, stopper and funnel.