Maison Berger Aroma Travel Car Diffuser Kit


Maison Berger car diffuser adds a sophisticated accent and special blended fragrance to your car that has anti-nausea properties for carsickness and provides pleasurable fragrance to your car interior.




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Leave carsickness behind! You no longer need to dread car rides thanks to the Maison Berger Aroma Travel Car Diffuser Kit. Its special anti-nausea fragrance will make every trip a pleasant experience. With a matte nickel finish and geometric lattice pattern, this diffuser is an embellishment for your car interior. It easily clips onto your air vents to diffuse its soothing aroma enriched with the essential oils of ginger and mint. A study showed that three out of four people found it effective at combatting nausea! Make driving something to look forward to.

Aroma Travel Ceramic disk is included and diffusion time is approximately 4 weeks.

Aroma Travel

The Aroma Travel fragrance will make carsickness a distant memory. Opening on fresh, mentholated mint and eucalyptus accentuated by sparkling bergamot, this composition continues with strong, spicy scents of ginger supported by elegant rose and uplifting tea. An amber facet enveloped by warm musk closes the fragrance.

HEAD NOTES: Bergamot, Mint, Eucalyptus
HEART NOTES: Tea, Rose, Ginger
BASE NOTES: Amber, Musk
  • Disk included
  • Lasts approx 4 weeks
  • Made in France