Loving Lavender Gift Set


A collection that promotes skin nourishing and pampering ingredients to awaken our feel-good sensories and refresh the mind, body and spirit. Lavender has just those qualities!



Who doesn’t love lavender!  On this gift collection, items are made in Provence, France and include a lavender shower body soap, lavender hand cream, lavender body lotion, 2 soaps lavender fragrance and olive oil bars and an organza lavender sachet filled with dried lavender flowers. The Lavender sachets go in the wardrobe to make your clothing smelling fresh and to keep the moths away from linens and wool/cashmere. Simply fluff the sachets occasionally to awaken and release the scent. Also included is an Aromabotanical Lavender Orange fragrance candle.

  • Includes body lotion, hand cream, shower soap, 2 Marseille soaps bars, a sachet of lavender and a candle
  • The gift package arrives in a gift box
  • Lavender reduces stress and promotes sleep
  • Imported from Provence France (except for the candle)