La Maison du Savon Organic Donkey Milk Soap – Duo Lavender & Donkey Milk ( Lavande-Anesse)






Donkey milk soaps is beneficial for the skin because of its therapeutic, regenerative and antioxidant properties. Used for body and face which hydrates, moisturizes, firms and smooths the skin. This is known fact for centuries because it is believed that Cleopatra bathed in it to maintain her beauty.
Donkey’s milk that we use comes from a South of France donkey farm.

• Made in France
• Fragrances are from (Grasse) Provence: The perfume capital of the world
• Dual sided soap of Donkey Milk and Lavender
• Contains both donkey milk and shea butter
• Combines the softness of donkey milk and delicate fragrance of lavender
• lavender has a neutral fragrance suitable for both feminine and masculine use
• Dual lavender and white in color
• 125g

Additional information

Weight1000 lbs