White Jordan Almonds (Confetti) & Candied Almonds for Weddings (1kg/2.2lb)


White Jordan almonds wedding candy.




Give your guests Jordan almonds as wedding favours in a sachet of 5 candies.  This is a tradition throughout Europe, Americas and the Middle East.  Sugar Coated Almonds also known as Jordan Almonds, Wedding Candies, Wedding Favors or Bomboniere (wedding candies).   In Italy they are called Confetti and Dragées in France.

Tradition states that you must give each guest a group of 5 candies Confetti or Jordan almonds for weddings and other special occasions.  Each candy signifies Health, Wealth, Happiness, Longevity and Fertility. More than 5 candies can be used, however they must always be an uneven number because it is considered lucky.The bitter sweetness of the almond represents life ahead for the newly wedded couple. The sugar-coating of the almonds wishes the newlyweds life to be more sweet than bitter.

  • Made in Canada
  • Price is per kg
  • Available in white, pink and blue
  • 1 kilo of  candy contains approx 275 pieces
  • Yields approx 55 guests (5 candies per person) per/kg


Additional information

Weight1000 lbs