Grandma Wild’s UK Victorian Luxury Biscuit Selection Box, 400g




This beautifully Victorian Floral design box makes a lovely gift for Mother’s Day, a birthday or any other occasions and is filled with a delicious British biscuit assortment produced by Grandma Wild’s in UK:
• Coconut Biscuits; A deliciously aromatic and rich in tropical taste.
• Viennese Biscuits; A light, golden, buttery swirl with a creamy vanilla flavour.
• Crumbly Oaty Biscuits; A unique rustic oaty biscuit crumbles as you crunch.
• Chocolate Chip Biscuits; Made with the finest ingredients, and sprinkled with real dark chocolate chips.
• Cherry Bakewell Biscuits; A unique combination of almond and cherry is perfectly baked with pieces of cherry.
• Butterscotch Biscuits; A perfect balance of sweet, buttery biscuits with authentic butterscotch pieces.
• Double Chocolate Biscuits; A rich, crumbly Chocolate biscuit with plain Chocolate chips and chunks.
• Ideal gift for Mother’s Day, a birthday or any other occasion.
• 400g
• Made in the UK