French Lavender Organza Sachet (24/Pack)


Package of 10 French Lavender sachet 40g each



A collection of 24 French Lavender organza sachets.

This Lavandin varietal of lavender is a hybrid of two cross pollinated varieties including Lavandula Angustifolia and Lavandula Latifolia.  It is grown at 1700 meters attitude in the South of France and are predominantly grey in colour, with some shades of blue-grey.  The Lavendin are more fragrant than the commonly seen blue/purple varietals and their fragrance carries longer.
The Lavendin has many cosmetic and wellness applications due to its higher level of camphor and therefore more penetrating fragrance.  For this reason, the perfume industry abundantly uses lavender oil and lavender extracts producing perfumes.

Lavender is also a natural bug repellent, particularly of moths and mosquitoes.  Other benefits include reducing stress, promoting sleep, and improving mood.

You can use these Lavender sachets by putting them in your wardrobe to keep the moths away from linens and wool/cashmere.  Lavender keeps your clothing smelling fresh.   Simply fluff the sachets occasional to awaken and release the scent.  Lavender fragrance lasts for years!

Here are some of impressive benefits of lavender:

  • Lavender emits a beautiful natural fragrance
  • Reduces stress and promotes sleep
  • Lavender keeps the moths away in your wardrobe and protects your cashmere, wool, linens and whites
  • Lavender is a natural mosquito repellant
  • Clear round package of 24 lavender sachets
  • 40g dried lavender sachet
  • Imported from Provence, France