French Lavender (Lavandin) Sachets 40g (2 Pack)


Feel good while enjoying the refreshing fragrance of lavender in your home, your car, drawers, night pillow, wardrobes and closets.

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Package includes 2 organza sachets filled with Lavender (Lavandin variety) of 40g/1.411oz each imported from Haute Provence, France.  The organza sachets are purple with white lavender twigs. The organza bags measures are: (14cmx12.5 / 5.5×5 inches)

Our purple lavender sachets are hand-filled with dried French Provence Lavender flower buds (Lavandin varietal).  This lavender variety is a hybrid of two cross-pollinated varieties including Lavandula Angustifolia and Lavandula Latifolia.  It is predominantly grey in color, therefore, it is the most fragrant and lasts longer than all varieties including the more blue/purple lavender variety.  Simply fluff the sachet, or move them around, to awaken and release the scent. The fragrance will last for years!

Lavandin has many cosmetic, therapeutic and wellness applications due to its high level of camphor and therefore more penetrating fragrance aroma.  It is used to help relieve stress and anxiety, as well as promote sleep.  For this reason, the perfume industry uses this variety to distil and extract lavender oil.

We Recommend using lavender:  for aromatherapy (e.g., inside your pillowcase or in a bath soak), freshening your home spaces (e.g., home, cars, wardrobes and suitcases), gifting (e.g., bridal shower favors, gifts from the bride and groom, wedding favors, wellness gifts for your family and friends).

  • FRAGRANCE: Lavandin variety is the most fragrant of all lavender varieties and last longer
  • PROMOTES WELLNESS: relieves stress and anxiety, promotes sleep, improves mood
  • COLOR: Lavandin is more grey in color but is more fragrant & carries longer than the blue
  • IMPORTED FROM PROVENCE, FRANCE: 100% French lavender, Lavandin variety
  • USE: Aromatherapy, Freshener in homes and cars, Wedding Favors, Wellness gift