French Lavender Bouquet


Beautiful bouquet of dried lavender flowers.  It can be hung in bedroom wardrobe or in linen closets to make your cloths smell nice.  It keeps the moths away from your cottons and wool.  Lavender is known for it soothing and relaxing properties.   Lavender bouquets are stunning in a vase and retains its color and fragrance a long time.

Imported from Provence, France.



Lavender in Provence blooms in late June through July.  Its a stunning imiagery in the French Alps of pure purple haze of stalks and bundles as far as the eyes can see.   Harvested in August, and allowed to dry.  Unlike other dried flowers, lavender is very resistant and retains its color, fragrance and aroma for a very long time.   Because of this longevity, we reap the benefits.

It is well known that lavender scent has moth and mosquito repelling  properties and as such, has very few predators.  It is a natural insect repellent.  Lavender is also has medicinal and therapeutic virtues for de-stressing and relaxing.  Pure lavender oil can be used as an antiseptic.