Francoise Paviot Canada Maple Leaf Flag Cocktail Napkins


These Canadian flag cocktail napkins from Francoise Paviot are durable and beautiful



The quality and fine design of Francoise Paviot’s range of napkins in a non-woven material that are soft yet firm.  These have the touch and feel of textile linen napkins. Francoise Paviot napkins are made in France using the finest airlaid paper that closely resembles fabric.  This Canadian maple leaf flag  cocktail napkin feature full image of the Canadian flag.

  • Full image of Canadian Maple Leaf Flag
  • Paper napkin with the feel of fabric
  • Package contains 20 cocktail/ beverage size napkins
  • 5″ x 5″/12.5 x 12.5cm folded or 10″ x 10″/25 x 25cm open
  • Made in France