Epicurean Recycled Poly Cutting Board, Medium


Recycled Poly cutting boards are planet friendly, knife friendly and dishwasher safe. Nonslip corners keep them from sliding on slick surfaces




This durable, recycled, dishwasher safe board by Epicurean is Made in USA, specifically on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Duluth, MN. It is an excellent choice for both the casual cook and the seasoned gourmet who values the environment and wants a dependable cutting board that is durable and cleans up easily.
Our colorful recycled poly boards are made from 100% post-consumer HDPE, primarily single -use milk jugs. It is the same #2 plastic you take out to the curb each week for recycling. Approximately 8 milk jugs are reclaimed for every pound of material.
The larger the Epicurean Recycled Poly Cutting Board, the more plastic containers are prevented from going to the landfill. The durable boards have a 3/8″ profile so they are lightweight and easy to store. The built-in hole makes it easy to grab and use.
Chic and modern, recycled poly plastic boards are environmentally responsible, knife friendly, and dishwasher safe. Cutting boards are usable on both sides, one side has deep juice groove, keeping countertops clean. Removable non-slip corners keep them from slipping on slick surfaces, while allowing sanitary cleanup with water and mild detergent. Avoid scouring or harsh cleaners to keep your board looking good!
Built to last, but when their useful life is over, they can be recycled again. Epicurean is a way of life – a reflection of our personal values and those of our customers.
Our products are well-designed, practical, casual tools that feel at home in any kitchen where friends and family gather to share company and enjoy good food. As we say at Epicurean, ” The heart of the kitchen is where memories are made, traditions are honored, and great food is prepared and shared. 

Color: White, Green
size: 14.5″ x 11.25″

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Weight3 lbs