Collitali Rainbow Spaghetti 500g with Wooden Fork


Colourful spaghetti with accessory. A true Italian pasta that surprises by the authenticity of the flavours of saffron, tomato, mushrooms and beets that give it corresponding colour.



Italy is notorious for its food and fashion. This Italian gourmet food purveyor has taken its specialty Gourmet Foods to new heights by combining pasta and fashion. The resulting product is high-quality great looking “haute-couture” pasta with a taste to match.

  • Collitali pasta is made only from natural ingredients (bran and water) and contains no colouring or flavouring.
  • The distinct colour of the pasta is derived naturally from the vegetables.
  • The pasta is drawn in old bronze drawplates and dies which gives the pasta its rustic look and traditional shapes, but also yields a rougher, more porous texture allowing pasta sauces to adhere better. This special process and longer air drying periods take more than 3 times longer to produce than traditional supermarket pasta; you can be assured it’s certainly reflected in the taste.
  • Rainbow pasta is flavoured with spinach, beetroot, porcini mushrooms, tomatoes. The flavours are very subtle and do not interfere with each other.
  • Includes a wooden pasta fork.
  • Do not overcook. Follow the instruction guide on the package.