Cherry Blossom Shampoo and Shower Gel Gift Set


A delightful La Maison du Savon delicate Cherry Blossom gift set of Shampoo and shower gel with loofa gift set.



Cherry Blossom fragrance gift set with loofa has soft, delicate feminine spring freshness scent.  The shampoo and shower get are formulated in Aloe Vera soothing and moisturizing light and delicate foam.
The Cherry Blossom shampoo is enriched with is moisturizing vegetable glycerin and hair conditioner to facilitate disentangling
  • Shampoo does not contain Formula without Paraben, silicone or sodium laureth sulfate
  • 95% of ingredients of natural origin / purified water included
  • 250ml Shampoo
  • 250ml Shower Gel
  • 1 Loofa

Additional information

Weight1000 lbs