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49th Parallel – Epic Espresso

A light roast espresso blended by 49th Parallel Coffee from Vancouver.  It is incredibly sweet, clean with floral notes and bright acidity.  We also like this coffee simple as a filter drip. Blended by 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters from Vancouver BC A light roast espresso Guatemala, Huehuetenango region Caturra and Bourbon variety

49th Parallel – Organic French Roast

49th Parallel Coffee Organic French Roast is ideal for those who prefer the taste of dark, bold roasted coffee.  This dark roast coffee highlights a smoky, powerful, and spicy flavour. This heavy coffee will delight with a nutty and caramel aftertaste. The low acidity of this rich coffee is perfect for stove top espresso or [...]

Canadiana Gourmet Gift Basket


This Canadiana gourmet basket showcases an array of specialty Gourmet Foods produced by passionate Canadians from coast to coast.

Caramoomel All Vegetable Antipasto


A perfect appetizer to enjoy with friends and family gatherings with cheese and crackers and served as a condiment with pork chops and oven roasted chicken. Caramoomel’s All Vegetable Antipasto is an intriguing balance of savoury and sweetness based from farm-fresh all natural vegetables. Gluten free & Fat-Free Ingredients: Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Cauliflower, Zucchini, Celery, […]

Caramoomel Blush Wine Jelly


Weather served with mid morning brunch or late evening cheese plates, Blush Wine Jelly, is a tasty way to make your snack time even more special.

Caramoomel Canadian Maple Jelly


A pure luscious Canadian traditional Maple Syrup made into a delicious jelly.

Caramoomel Garlic & Eggplant Spread


The creamy texture of eggplant is the perfect medium for the delicious pungency of Russian garlic & hot chillies. Wakes sandwiches and wraps right up!

Caramoomel Hot Garlic Pepper Wine Jelly


Sweet, sour, garlicky – then HOT! Mouth-watering, natural flavours, inspired by fiery Asian cuisine, layered for maximum pleasure. This pepper jelly is outstanding poured over hot Brie or Camembert.

Caramoomel Mulled Wine Jelly


Pinot Noir mulled with cinnamon, cloves and all spice, brings the warm scents and flavours of exotic places to your table.

Caramoomel Pinot Gris Wine Jelly


Pale, crisp Pinot Gris you can spread, for breakfast, brunch and dinner.

Caramoomel Pinot Noir Wine Jelly


The bold flavor of Pinot Noir in a jewel like jelly you can use to glam up any dish or snack.

Caramoomel Veggie Caviar


Mediterranean cuisine inspired, this spicy combination of farm fresh tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, bell peppers, eggplant, beets & garlic with aromatic herbs is great on crackers with your favorite wine & cheese.

Wildly Delicious Biryani Rice – Indian Cooking Sauce


Wildly Delicious Biryani Rice Indian Cooking Sauce means cooking traditional Indian cuisine has never been simpler. This rich and robust Biryani sauce allows even the most novice of cooks to shine. Simply blend your choice of vegetables with rice, add sauce and enjoy.

Wildly Delicious Chimichurri Steak Sauce, 350ml


This Chimichurri sauce will transport you instantly to Argentina, where this traditional condiment is a national favourite companion to meats and steaks.

Wildly Delicious Cuisine Oil Trio Set


Versatile and practical, these oils are packaged in our popular, highly functional squeeze bottles and feature a broad range of flavours from spicy to fruity, all made with grapeseed and sunflower oils. Grapeseed oil is cholesterol and sodium free and is low in saturated fat. You can fry, sauté, or even bake without smoking, splattering […]

Wildly Delicious Newfoundland Screech Rum BBQ Sauce, 350 ml


With more than 150 years of Newfoundland heritage behind its name, Screech Rum is an East coast treasure.

Often underestimated, Screech is smooth and mellow in character and a perfect addition to this fruity, unsmoked BBQ sauce having notes of pineapple, allspice and a hint of clove.


Wildly Delicious Peri Peri Portuguese Grilling Sauce, 350 ml


For authentic Portuguese grilled chicken simply marinate half chicken pieces in sauce for one hour prior to grilling. Use additional sauce for basting and always serve some fresh sauce on the side.

Wildly Delicious Salmon Teriyaki Asian Grilling Sauce


A sweet and tangy Asian inspired that will infuse even the humblest salmon steal with robust flavour and character. Try with other varieties of fish and vegetables.

Wildly Delicious Steak Sauce – Roasted Garlic & Dijon


The irresistibly smooth nature of roasted garlic accentuates this well- rounded sauce that features a whisper of curry and turmeric.

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