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49th Parallel – Epic Espresso


A light roast espresso blended by 49th Parallel Coffee from Vancouver.  It is incredibly sweet, clean with floral notes and bright acidity.  We also like this coffee simple as a filter drip. Blended by 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters from Vancouver BC A light roast espresso Guatemala, Huehuetenango region Caturra and Bourbon variety

49th Parallel – Organic French Roast


49th Parallel Coffee Organic French Roast is ideal for those who prefer the taste of dark, bold roasted coffee.  This dark roast coffee highlights a smoky, powerful, and spicy flavour. This heavy coffee will delight with a nutty and caramel aftertaste. The low acidity of this rich coffee is perfect for stove top espresso or […]

Camp Chicory & Coffee Essence (241ml)


This versatile ingredient can be used to flavour everything from brownies to icing. Makes a quick iced or hot coffee drink you’re sure to love.