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Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger Plissée Gift Set
Available in clear and red
Lampe Berger Quadri
When modernity encounters elegance... A glass lamp, with an original...
Lampe Berger Botania
A porcelain lamp in a classic modern chic style. A porcelain lamp in white...
Product is out of stock
Lampe Berger Swirl
A satin glass lamp with a finely worked relief, full of elegance and...
Product is out of stock
Lampe Berger Goutte Rogue
Lacquered glass lamp, with a shape evoking that of a delicate drop of water....
Lampe Berger Cube Noir
Very generous, this glass lamp is dressed with a tasteful ornament created by...
Product is out of stock
Lampe Berger Polygone
An original shape, between modernity and elegance. A glass lamp, geometric in...
Product is out of stock
Lampe Berger Smokey Grey
With its resolutely modern and graphic look, this generously-shaped glass...
Product is out of stock
Lampe Berger Techno
This ultra-modern lamp with its resolutely techno look features a striking...
Lampe Berger Wood
A contemporary lamp inspired by nature. Frosted glass lamp, clad with a...
Product is out of stock
Lampe Berger Triopack Chaud
3 Flacons d'essai pour découvrir les 3 parfums de maison. Orange de Cannelle...
Lampe Berger So Neutral
An essential in any household, it deodorises but does not release any scented...
Lampe Berger Vanilla Gourmet
A cocktail of delicious notes blending the richness of a freshly cut bourbon...
Lampe Berger Orange Cinnamon
The freshness of citrus fruits combined with the warmth of spices and candied...
Lampe Berger Amber Powder
This sensual fragrance begins with the subtlety of a rose, then offers an...
Lampe Berger Ocean Breeze
A tropical and revitalising cocktail that blends the freshness and the...
Lampe Berger New Orleans
A delicious sweet perfum with fruits accents and higlighted by the sweet...
Lampe Berger Lemon Flower
The lemon, mythological fruit, is at last captured by LAMPE BERGER, to...
Lampe Berger Mystery Patchouli
A sensual and modern composition of patchouli notes accompanied by soft and...
Lampe Berger Summer Rain
A subtle fresh crystalline fragrance that recalls the freshness of the...
Lampe Berger Orange Blossom
A dynamic fragrance - both airy and voluptuous - with jasmine and honey...
Lampe Berger Zest of Verbena
Discover the sparkle of the verbena. A lemony natural fresh fragrance
Lampe Berger Cotton Dreams
Evokes the familiar smell of clean, this airy fragrance is made of fresh...
Lampe Berger Lavender Fields
A floral fragrance with fresh lavender notes blended with a light camphor to...
Lampe Berger Grapefruit Passion
A sparkling fragrance extracted from the heart of a Florida grapefruit. A...
Lampe Berger Green Apple
A fruity fragrance evoking the green, sparkling and juicy character of an apple.
Lampe Berger Delicious Cheery
It’s cherry picking time, with fun and laughter… A fruity oriental...
Lampe Berger Citrus Leaves
A fragrance that is mischievous, fresh and invigorating to awaken your home !...
Lampe Berger Fresh Linen
A breath of pureness and freshness in your home. An accord of fresh and...
Lampe Berger Spring of Mekong
Harmonious fragrances drift through the air around you. A source of infinite...