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Coffees & Teas

Drink in the Box 12oz
The Bigger Better Drink Box
Drink in the Box 8oz
Eco-Friendly Reusable Drink and Juice Box Container
Bewley's Dublin Morning tea
a traditional morning tea with a strong and refreshing flavour
Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold Tea
Blend of 3 leaf origins from the top 10 tea gardens in the world.
Marks and Spencer Luxury Gold Tea from UK
From England, the Marks & Spencer Luxury Gold tea is carefully selected from...
Taylors English Breakfast Leaf Tea - 2 pack
Teas from various countries.
Taylors Earl Grey Leaf Tea - 2 pack
Black China Congou leaf blended with the essential oil of the bergamot.
Taylors Spiced Christmas Leaf Tea - 2 pack
A special blend created for the festive season.
Spices for Mulled Wine
Includes 4 hand-tied muslin spice bundles to heat with your choice of red...
Bewley's Irish Breakfast Tea
Bewley's Irish Breakfast Tea. A blend of the finest Darjeeling, Rwandan and...
Marks and Spencer Fairtrade Extra Strong Tea
Marks & Spencer Fairtrade Extra Strong is rich, bright and malty. The tea in...
123W Longitude Blend
49th Parallel Coffee 123°W Longitude Blend has a butterscotch and caramel...
Barry's Tea (Gold) , Ireland’s Favourite Tea Company
Barry's Tea is Ireland’s favourite tea company. Tea is one of the...
Colombian Supremo Antioquia
A classic bittersweet Colombia that is perfectly balanced with fruit and...
Costa Rica Finca Carrizal
A very sweet and syrupy Costa Rican. Crisp and complex aromatics that keep...
Ethiopian Yergacheffe
A phenomenal offering from Yergacheffe that is sweetly complex and fully...
Ethiopian Yergacheffe Kochere
49th Parallel Coffee Ethiopian Yergacheffe is complex profile is intensely...
Forty Ninth Parallel - Epic Espresso
The truly Epic Espresso™ is a blend of coffees from Brazil, El Salvador and...
Forty Ninth Parallel - French Roast
49th Parallel Coffee French Roast is a dark roast coffee highlights a smoky,...
Guatemala Finca La Perla
La Perla won the Presidential award at the 2006 and 2008 Cup of Excellence™...
Guatemala Los Esiritus
Engaging flavours of chocolate, anise, and orange with complex acidity,...
Organic French Roast
This dark roast coffee highlights a smoky, powerful spicy flavour. This heavy...
Rosy Lee Tea Caddy

Taste of the City London Rosy Lee Tea

Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold Tea bag
Teas from twenty tea gardens are blended to give Yorkshire Gold the perfect...