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Canadian Gourmet Foods

Cuisine Oil Trio Set by Wildly Delicious
Roasted Garlic & Shallot Cuisine Oil Sundried Tomato & Basil Cuisine Oil...
Caramoomel All Vegetable Antipasto
Caramoomel uses whole foods and natural farm-fresh foods for exclusive and...
Caramoomel Garlic & Eggplant Spread
The creamy texture of eggplant is the perfect medium for the delicious...
Caramoomel Hot Garlic Pepper Wine Jelly
Sweet, sour, garlicky - then HOT! Mouth-watering, natural flavours, inspired...
Caramoomel Veggie Caviar
Mediterranean cuisine inspired, this spicy combination of farm fresh...
Mopure Mountain Maple Syrup
The Canadian maple tree releases it's purest treasures to the strongest...
Biryani Rice - Indian Cooking Sauce
Wildly Delicious Biryani Rice Indian Cooking Sauce means cooking traditional...
Korean BBQ Sauce
A delicious combination of pears, ginger, scallions, rice vinegar and sesame...
Newfoundland Screech BBQ Sauce

Screech is the famous rum from the Canadian province of...

Peri Peri Portugeuse Grilling Sauce
Peri Peri is an essential ingredient for traditional Portuguese grilled...
Salmon Teriyaki Asian Grilling Sauce
A sweet and tangy Asian inspired that will infuse even the humblest salmon...
Steak Sauce - Jamaica Jerk
A fiery combination of Chilli Peppers, thyme and other traditional Jerk...
Steak Sauce - Roasted Garlic & Dijon
The irresistibly smooth nature of roasted garlic accentuates this well-...
Last Rites Hot Sauce
Habanero & Jalapeno with garlic and spices. Heat and full of flavor, all the...
Caramoomel Canadian Maple Jelly
A pure luscious Canadian traditional Maple Syrup made into a delicious jelly.
Lemon Dill Dip Mix
Gourmet du Village Lemon Dill Dip mix. Makes 6 cups of Lemon Dill Dip. Very...
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