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Marks and Spencer Stag Shortbread Tin (650g)
Marks and Spencer Stag Shortbread Tin (650g)
Product is out of stock
Mopure Mountain Maple Syrup
The Canadian maple tree releases it's purest treasures to the strongest...
Nestle Smarties Hex Tube
Smooth milk chocolate covered with a crispy candy coating. Contains no...
Newfoundland Screech BBQ Sauce

Screech is the famous rum from the Canadian province of...

Paella Seasoning Mix with Saffron
Package of 3 Paella seasoning mix with saffron. Each Box contains 3 pouches...
Park Lane Pickle

Taste of the City London Park Lane Pickle

Park Lane Strawberry & Champagne Preserve

Taste of the City London, Park Lane Strawberry & Champagne Preserve

Peri Peri Portugeuse Grilling Sauce
Peri Peri is an essential ingredient for traditional Portuguese grilled...
Piccadilly Piccalilli

Taste of the City London Piccadilly Piccalilli

Premium Dominus
Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This delicious olive oil is produced...
Rose's Orange or Lime or Lemon & Lime Marmalade
The refreshing pure fruit marmalade from England made only with citrus fruit....
Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles
Soft and chewy fruit Pastilles made with real fruit and coated with sugar.
Starts with an elegant wood planter box and filled with top-notch Tuscan and...
Spanish Paella Basket
Paella is a perfect dinner party gift to share with friends or family. This...
Product is out of stock
Spanish Paella Kit
All that you need to make a delicious Spanish Paella. Just add the chorizo,...
Spanish Rice Arroz
Medium grain rice from Valencia, Spain.
Spanish Rice La Bomba
Arroz de Valencia. (DOP)Denominacion D’origen. Arroz Categoria Extra,...
Spanish Saffron
Spanish Saffron Stigmas in a protected plastic box.
Spanish Smoked Paprika
An indispensable ingredient for Spanish recipes. Equally indispensable...
Sulmona Chocolate Confetti (Almond-Shaped)
The authentic Classic Confetti from Sulmona Italy. This Confetti is made with...
Sulmona Chocolate Confetti Heart-Shaped
The authentic Classic Confetti of Sulmona Italy. This Confetti is heart...
Tapenade Arnaud
Best traditional Provencal recipe.
Barry's Tea (Gold) , Ireland’s Favourite Tea Company
Barry's Tea is Ireland’s favourite tea company. Tea is one of the...
Caramoomel All Vegetable Antipasto
Caramoomel uses whole foods and natural farm-fresh foods for exclusive and...
Caramoomel Garlic & Eggplant Spread
The creamy texture of eggplant is the perfect medium for the delicious...
Caramoomel Veggie Caviar
Mediterranean cuisine inspired, this spicy combination of farm fresh...
Classic Italian Gift Tray
Italy's food-centered cultural excellence brings us this wood tray filled...
Easter Selection Box
Easter Chcocolates Selection Box filled with chocolate colorful bunnies,...
Marks and Spencer Custard Creams
Marks & Spencer Custard Creams.
Marks and Spencer Ginger Snaps Cookies
Marks & Spencer Ginger Snaps. The best ginger snaps cookies you will taste...