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American Gourmet Foods

Extra large salted Virginia peanuts are covered in 100% pure milk chocolate.
Acala Chilli Cumin
Drizzle or marinade on any fish tacos and chicken burritos, hummus and even
Acala Curry Spice
Rich and aromatic, this curry oil presents deep flavor that won't overpower....
Acala Fresh Cilantro
Light, bright and all cilantro. Makes a great stand-alone dipping oil; favors...
Acala Fresh Roasted Garlic
All garlic all the time. Smooth, clean and perfectly balanced. Drizzle on...
Acala Fried Shallot
Deep and mellow with rich shallot flavor, use when browning meat, to flavor...
Acala Guajillo Pepper
So many options. Bright with a subtle kick and gentle sweetness, mix it with...
Acala Hot Habanero
The name says it all. Heat. Fire. And pure habanero flavor. This one isn't...
Acala jalapeno lime
The perfect blend of heat and cool, smooth citrus. Jalapeno-lime oil favors...
Acala Pure Cottonseed
Silky-clear, lightweight body and flavor-neutral palate. Pure Cottonseed Oil...
Acala Smoky Chipotle
Mmmmm ... the rich, smoky intensity of chipotle absolutely delivers. Great...
Acala Toasted Cumin
Rich, toasty cumin flavor greets the palate and resonates through every bite....
Feridies Chocolate Covered Peanuts
Extra-large salted Virginia Peanuts enrobed in 100% pure milk chocolate....
Product is out of stock
Cranberry Bog Frogs
Scrumptious combination of sweetened dried cranberries, roasted cashews and...
Feridies 5 o'Clock Crunch
This snack mix includes honey roasted peanuts, whale cheese crackers,...
Feridies Virginia Cajun Peanuts
Seasoned to perfection with our secret Cajun spices, these super extra-large...
Feridies Virginia Hot and Spicy Peanuts
Seasoned with an all natural assortment of the finest pepper based spices,...
Feridies Virginia Salted Peanuts
FERIDIES Virginia Peanuts are cooked in pure peanut oil and lightly salted to...
Feridies Virginia Wasabi Peanuts
Wasabi Virginia peanuts are cooked in pure peanut oil and flavored with a...